Exploring the Nature of Transdimensional Fiction: Part 1 – Stories and the Transition into a New Self

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For the past twenty years, I’ve been teaching the practice of meditation and guiding people into the experience of spiritual awakening. When I started the Transdimensional Fiction imprint it was because I wanted to write and publish works of fiction that would enhance my work as a spiritual teacher.

Seven Stories by H. P. Lovecraft Annotated

Jeff Carreira

In this unique collection of stories by H. P. Lovecraft you will find a spiritual path that leads to the outer edges of the cosmos and the hidden depths of our inner world. These stories show courageous individuals who are driven to the point of obsession by a burning desire to discover the secrets of the mysterious realm that only opens up to us in our dreams. Yes, they contain elements of Lovecraft’s unique brand of horror, but don’t let the label of horror put you off. These stories are much more intriguing than they are terrifying. They explore the magic and power of occult wisdom and esoteric practices. And you will find that the introductions offered by Jeff Carreira will help to illuminate the contours of Lovecraft’s vast vision of how the art of real dreaming can be followed all the way to the attainment of cosmic awareness.